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Ink Creative Lab is proud to donate in-kind graphic design and marketing services to in-need 501(c)(3) organizations by project. Due to limited time and resources, I ask that a donation request be submitted with the scope of the project and background details about your organization/cause. All requests are reviewed and selection is made based on the current project schedule, the deadlines for deliverables, and alignment with Ink Creative Lab values and beliefs.


Supported causes: advocacy & human rights, human trafficking, women issues, domestic violence & child abuse, female empowerment, children & youth, LGBT community, anti-bullying, religious freedom, community services, gun control, education, disabilities, elderly, poverty, disease & health care, mental health, right to die, homelessness, hunger, animal rights, spay & neuter, animal testing, cruelty to animals, conservation, climate change, military veterans, law enforcement, free/Low-cost legal services. 

I pride myself on quality no matter how much the invoice. Therefore donation services are treated with the same professional courtesy as any paying client, in turn it is crucial to outline an agreement for services rendered and share expectations of each other as designer and client. 

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